De ontmoetingsplaats voor Vlamingen die in het Groothertogdom Luxemburg of nabije omgeving wonen of werken.

Zou je, met wat je nu weet, deelnemen aan een Coronaproof 11-julifeest (rond 11 juli) waar 100 a 120 mensen aanwezig kunnen zijn? 


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  1. Per RTL

    • Restaurants and bars
      • will reopen (though they seem to suggest that you'll need to get a negative rapid test,
      • extended hours (up to 10 pm), and
      • parties of up to 4 people rather than the default 2 people;
    • Curfew to be moved to midnight
    • Visits at home: 4 rather than 2 invitees

    Not yet officially confirmed. What do you hope/expect from today's press conference?

    Edit: Press conference is now live:

    • Roughly 31,000 people on the AZ waitlist. More invitations will be sent out over the coming days. Some 20,000 people are on the "end-of-day" waitlist. Apparently, uptake of invitations is in the 75% region.
    • "4 is now 2": You can invite four people and don't have to be from the same household. You can invite an entire household (so up to 4 not living together or another household). The same goes for restaurants.
    • Public meetings of up to 150 people (before 100). Possibility of "test" meetings with up to 1,000 people with prior approval.
    • Restaurants shut at 10 pm and can serve indoors.
    • Outside dining without test. Inside dining will require a test. 500,000 tests will be made available to Horesca.
    • Curfew starts at midnight (XB giving the illustration of a test concert).
    • No closed doors in sports (XB again stating the possibility of having events with up to 1,000)
    • Swimming pools (1 swimmer per 10 sqm)
    • Additional softening for police schools, cultural events (particularly music).

    Edit 2:

    • Once approved and voted into law, these rules remain in place until 12 June.
    • Fewer infections among +60-year-olds.
    • Some 139 people have caught Covid a fortnight after their second vaccination
    • Further roll-out of rapid tests in schools, with social organizations. Businesses and freelancers will also get rapid tests. Roll-out towards mid-May.

    Edit 3:

    • Rapid test = positive => Isolate from people and declare the positive result to the authorities which will provide a Rx PCR test.
    • Consultation centres will be shut down over the next weeks.

    Edit 4:

    • You can use a PCR test (< 72 hrs), a certified rapid test (<24 hrs) or a self-test (to be carried out on the spot) to eat in restaurants. The certified rapid test has to be carried out by a qualified health professional. Pharmacists will be able to make the certified rapid test.
    • Q&A
      • Q: Why don't you remove the curfew? A: Curfew is efficient
      • Q: In Germany/Norway, vacinated people will benefit from fewer restrictions? A: We are still observing. At this point, it's too early. It's not excluded (possible to have it in a next phase).
      • Q: Vaccinations at GPs? A: We still don't have enough vaccines. XB adding that they still have enough capacity and there's currently not enough warranting to extend capacities.
      • Q: Will you have to show an ID? Will they have to record who visited the restaurant? A: The rules require the restaurant to check. For the autotest, it's still being discussed (maybe at the entry door, maybe at the table). Follow-up Q: So no list? A: no, but there may be checks.
      • Q: Will the restriction on consumption of alcohol in public spaces be lifed? A: No
      • Q: How are vaccinations progressing among care staff? A: We'd have to check but we recently had 1,000 people asking to get vaccinated after initially refusing to get vaccinated.
      • Q on the nomination of the chair of the bord of Cargolux? A: *answers without giving an actual answer.*
      • Q: Other factors for hospitalizations? A: There are no common factors for hospitalisations. XB adding that more -65 than +65 year-olds are hospitalised.
      • Q: A- and B-class will be suppresed? A: Yes, they will stop after 31/05
      • Q: You had discussions with the CGFD to priortise certain jobs? A: It's very difficult. E.g. at the airport: If we vaccinate police officers, then we'd have to vaccinate customs officers, private security agents, even flight attendants. It's an ethics question and have deferred the question to the ethics commission.
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